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Created with love by an army of adorable little Moopeez

Protect the Earth

The French may be Top-Chefs but they cannot recycle their cooking ingredients! These lovely creatures (The French, that is, not us gorgeous Moopeez) produce 300 kilos of trash a year. From all this waste, only 15% get recycled.

Can you recycle more? On this game level I'll give you lots of hints that you can use daily to recycle smarter. You can merci me later!


Protect the Water

It's already bad enough that my friend Flipper has to carefully avoid these tuna-fishermen' nets, he now has to worry about getting his fins caught in all the floating debris that litter his ocean. And it could be so much simpler for him if we followed some very simple recycling steps.

In this level you can come and help me make the oceans cleaner so your kids can swim in them happily for years to come.

Protect the Air

Ah the joy of waking up early in the morning, opening our windows, taking a breath of air and coughing our lungs out. Not because we smoke like chimneys but simply thanks to that wonderful air pollution that has been accumulating over the years.

I really like the smell of fresh pine, no not the ones you find in car-fresheners, so come and join me on this level to see what we can do to lower pollution and breath like humans again.


Fight Global Warming

What if I told you that fighting global warming could also help your budget? From better insulation to LED lights, and water management systems, there are so many little tricks you can use to lower your energy footprint (and bills!). And when you do this, the entire planet benefits and will start cooling down a bit.

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